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Continuity of Operations


The software listed below are tools used for Business Continuity Planning.

To synthesize all COOP Planning across the state, a standard toolset will be used throughout DE State Government. This toolset consists of modules for impact analysis, continuity planning, automatic notification, and incident management. The toolset, provided by Sungard, has been fully customized to fit the needs of the state.


State contracted system ensures all plans are consistent and will provide for a uniform framework to follow, in the event of a disaster. BC in the Cloud is completely customized to reflect the State of Delaware's infrastructure and operating environment.

MIR3 Intelligent Notification

Mir3 Intelligent Notification is used to easily notify and alert groups-from one to thousands-of business interruptions or pending disasters. The State of Delaware uses the system for business continuity and disaster recovery, emergency notification, and to enhance efficiency and productivity throughout the enterprise. Effective notification involves more than just sending a one-way alert. You must be able to quickly determine who needs to know what, and your message must be adapted as your contacts respond. Intelligent Notification software technology handles this complex task, rapidly launching a message to groups of any size, whether in one location or spread all over the world. It uses MIR3 data management expertise and tools to pull information from your various contact databases to make sure you're always using the latest contact information.

Mir3 Initiator Guide