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Continuity of Operations

Contract Vendors

The Department of Technology & Information partners with many vendors to ensure the success of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the event of an incident in the State of Delaware. DTI continuously performs tests with each of these partners on a routine cycle to ensure procedures and plans are current and updated for the safety and security of the citizens of the State of Delaware.

Staffing Services for Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery Planning can be provided by contacting any of the businesses listed in the following state contract: Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery Staffing Services, Contract #GSS10557-CYBER-SECUR

Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Focusing on your Information Availability

Uninterrupted access to critical data and systems — that's what Information Availability is all about. And that's what SunGard helps you achieve. We've helped companies plan for and recover from all kinds of interruptions for more than 25 years.

Our cost-effective solutions are end-to-end, covering your needs from crisis management to technical support. This means that your information systems, people and business processes are always protected — and connected — regardless of disruptions in the world around you. Our Business Continuity services include:

  • Recovery Services
  • Network Services
  • Software Tools
  • Testing Services

When you choose our proven solutions, your organization will benefit from:

  • reduced revenue losses
  • enhanced access to mission-critical data and systems
  • less downtime and better employee productivity
  • quicker, more cost-effective business resumption following an interruption
  • greater peace of mind
  • 99.9 % hosting availability
  • advanced HVAC controls, security systems, physical security barriers
  • and more...


Vital Records Inc. (VRI) has been an industry-leading offsite data protection provider for more than 25 years.

On a daily basis, we service customers in a 5-state region. This includes all of New Jersey and parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware. We also have many “out-of-area” customers who need secure tape media storage, either for Disaster Recovery or Compliance requirements.

Our client base includes some of the most respected and prestigious companies in the world. We work for thousands of customers, while managing and protecting millions of their most critical computer tapes.

We believe that the protection and management of critical computer media is a specialized discipline that requires a unique set of “Best Practices.

This is VRI's primary business. All of our resources are dedicated solely to making sure that our customers know that this critical responsibility simply can't be in better hands than ours.

  • VRI's underground high-security facilities were built specifically as secure disaster recovery buildings. Simply stated, we have the best facilities in the business.
  • Every VRI customer is given dedicated space within our facility. Their tapes remain together and in order at all times.
  • Our facilities are fully staffed with qualified Operations personnel and are available to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • All of our employees go through extensive background checks and receive the most comprehensive training in the industry.
  • We employ intelligent applications that utilitize the latest in technology. We have barcode scanning and online inventory systems that will enhance your tape management capabilities.
  • All of our vehicles are tracked at all times by a satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) so there's never any question about where your media is located.


The largest “tape only” vendor in the eastern United States

The only vendor who endorses volume-serial order tape filing as the standard.

The first vendor to go to true 24 hour operational staffing, over 20 years ago!

Among first vendors to write and support their own barcode tracking software, later licensed to other vaults all around the country.