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Continuity of Operations


Johna Esposito, Quality Assurance Program Manager, Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Division of Forensic Science
COOP planning is a big job and one that is an "add on" for most COOP planners. However, the BCIC software and the DTI COOP Liaison walk you through the process, which really helps make it easier. The importance that the State of Delaware puts on COOP planning also helps lend support (i.e. the Division Director understands the importance of the task).

Jessica McIntire, Planner III, Delaware Emergency Management Agency
DEMA successfully updated our COOP plan this year. We were successful because of all the working sessions between our agency and DTI. In these working sessions, we had the opportunity to step-by-step go through the plan, input data and address areas of concern. Since updating the plan, we have completed one tabletop exercise and have a walk through drill scheduled.

Brenda Mayrack, Director, Department of Finance, Office of Unclaimed Property/State Escheator
The COOP planning process can seem time-consuming and difficult, especially in addition to one's normal duties and workload. However, our agency took it seriously and put the time in to construct information about our processes. The result is a robust document that formed the foundation for our COOP plan.


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