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Continuity of Operations

COOP Events

Statewide COOP Exercise – August 24, 2023

The 9th Annual Statewide COOP Interagency Tabletop Exercise is being held exclusively for Organization Leaders, Emergency Services Coordinators, Public Information Officers, Information Security Officers, information technology personnel, Continuity Coordinators, and plan builders. This event, presented by DEMA, DECCC and DTI, will explore the preparatory measures and continuity of essential functions within the State as it relates to a variety of incidents. It will exercise each organization’s COOP plan and permit collaborative discussion of interdependencies and reliance on codependent organizations.

Pre-Requisite: Active or completed COOP Project

What: Statewide COOP Exercise
Who: Continuity Coordinators/Plan Builders, Emergency Services Coordinators, Information Security Officers, IT personnel, HR Managers, Public Information Officers and Management
Where:Modern Maturity Center, 1121 Forrest Ave, Dover, DE 19904
When: August 24th, 2023
Time: 8:30am - 3:00pm

Secure Delaware Workshop (October 24, 2023) – University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall

The 2023 Secure Delaware Cyber Workshop is an opportunity to come together for an informative full-day session focusing on cyber security. During this in-person event, industry experts on Cyber Security will present information on a variety of current cyber trends and topics. The conference will include two keynote speakers along with additional unique cyber topics for the smaller group breakout sessions. This conference offers opportunities to network and collaborate across all lines of government, business, students and citizens, with the goal of strengthening our readiness and response posture.

Our 13th annual workshop will offer a great opportunity to learn from a lineup of expert speakers and will be the PREMIER Cyber Security Event happening in Delaware for 2023!

Registration Opening Soon!!