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Continuity of Operations

Contact Information

For support on any COOP related issues, please contact the following:

General COOP Issues

Upon sending an email to the COOP Program Team, an email notification will be sent to the entire DTI COOP Program Team. You will receive a response within one (1) hour from a member of the Team regarding your inquiry. Should this not occur, please feel free to contact the COOP Liaison assigned to your organization at the number indicated or the COOP Program Manager.

COOP Contacts

Sandra Alexander
COOP Program Manager

(302) 739-9637

Lori Gorman
Senior Disaster Recovery Specialist

(302) 739-9668

Claudette Wus
Senior Disaster Recovery Specialist

(302) 739-9636

Heather Volkomer
Senior Disaster Recovery Specialist

(302) 739-9824

Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm